2023 Available Lexus Models and Trims – A Complete Overview

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Lexus is more than just a premium car brand – it is a way of life. This is why you have a Lexus for every type of consumer looking to get a high-end vehicle that’s capable and dependable.

To show them their options, the following is an overview of all the Lexus models available in 2023:

Lexus Sedans in 2023

2023 Lexus IS
The 2023 Lexus IS is the entry point to the world of Lexus cars. It is a compact luxury sports sedan that’s known for its high performance and sporty handling. At the same time, it provides its users a comfortable driving experience, is very well-equipped and cost-effective.

It offers three engines (including a V8) and five trim levels for you to choose from. The trims are shown below:

  • 2023 IS300
  • 2023 IS350 F Sport Design
  • 2023 IS350 F Sport
  • 2023 IS500 F Sport Performance
  • 2023 IS500 F Sport Performance Premium

2023 Lexus ES
The 2023 Lexus ES is a midsize luxury sedan known for its high comfort levels and reliability. It too offers more for less, which includes lots of standard tech and superb driving dynamics. You get to choose from three refined engines (also includes a hybrid powertrain), and eight trims.

Its trim levels are shown below:

  • 2023 ES250 and ES350
  • 2023 ES250 and ES350 F Sport Design
  • 2023 ES250 and ES350 Luxury
  • 2023 ES300h F Sport
  • 2023 ES300h Luxury
  • 2023 ES350 F Sport Handling
  • 2023 ES250 and ES350 Ultra Luxury
  • 2023 ES300h Ultra Luxury

2023 Lexus LS
The Lexus LS is one of the most recognizable names in the luxury car market. This is no surprise since it’s the company’s flagship model that can do no wrong. It is Lexus’s answer to the behemoths in the full-size luxury sedan segment.

This masterpiece of a vehicle is one of the most luxurious, comfortable, and tech-filled vehicles that possesses a lot of power, quick acceleration, and great reliability. It is therefore the most complete vehicle in the genre.

It’s offered with gasoline and mild hybrid powertrains, and in the three trims shown below:

  • 2023 LS500
  • 2023 LS500 F Sport
  • 2023 LS500h

Lexus SUVs in 2023

2023 Lexus UX
The Lexus UX is the smallest crossover offered by the premium automaker. Still, it manages to utilize its potential when it comes to power, efficiency, handling, and towing. Lots of standard equipment and a roomy cabin make this a must-have if you want a fun-sized SUV.

The Lexus UX is exclusively offered as a hybrid vehicle, available in the four trims shown below:

  • 2023 UX250h
  • 2023 UX250h Premium
  • 2023 UX250h F Sport Appearance
  • 2023 UX250h F Sport Handling

2023 Lexus NX
The NX Class is easily the most versatile offerings in the small crossover market. It offers several powertrain options which includes mild and plug-in hybrid engines. Each one offers the right balance of quickness, fuel efficiency, and towing capabilities.

The NX is a small crossover – only bigger than the aforementioned UX – but you won’t hear anyone complain about the roominess of the cabin, or the standard equipment offered. If you plan on buying an NX, you get to choose from the following five trim levels:

  • 2023 NX250
  • 2023 NX350h and NX350
  • 2023 NX350 F Sport
  • 2023 NX450h+
  • 2023 NX450h+ F Sport

2023 Lexus RX
The Lexus RX class kicked off the luxury crossover genre and is still one of the most innovative vehicles today. It has a reputation for being a comfortable and gifted cruising machine that is very capable and reliable. It is offered in gasoline and hybrid configurations.

Note that the Lexus RX Class is also available in an extended wheelbase version, aka the RXL.

The following are the trims offered on the RX:

  • 2023 RX350
  • 2023 RX350 Premium
  • 2023 RX350h
  • 2023 RX350h Premium
  • 2023 RX350 Premium Plus
  • 2023 RX350h Premium Plus
  • 2023 RX350 Luxury
  • 2023 RX350 F Sport
  • 2023 RX350h Luxury
  • 2023 RX500h F Sport Performance

2023 Lexus RZ
The RZ is an all-electric crossover from Lexus that debuted this year. It has garnered a lot of attention for its looks, technology, and pure electric range of 220 miles.

The Lexus RZ is available in the following trims:

  • 2023 RZ450e Premium
  • 2023 RZ450e Luxury

2023 Lexus GX
The Lexus GX is the answer to those looking for a luxurious large SUV that has the power, reliability, and off-road prowess of an old-school 4×4. Meanwhile on the inside, it is quite roomy and filled with high-quality materials and the latest tech in the industry.

  • 2023 GX
  • 2023 GX Premium
  • 2023 GX Black Line Special Edition
  • 2023 GX Luxury

2023 Lexus LX
The Lexus LX has the reputation of being the most capable full-size SUV in the market. Those wanting to feel large and incharge should get the LX as it ticks every box you can think of – power, towing, spaciousness, sophistication, and dependability.

While it stands out on tarmac, it does even better on the trail as it is based on the mighty Toyota Land Cruiser. As a result, it offers you the best of both worlds. You can find the mighty LX600 with the following trims:

  • 2023 LX600
  • 2023 LX600 Premium
  • 2023 LX600 F Sport Handling
  • 2023 LX600 Luxury
  • 2023 LX600 Ultra Luxury

Lexus Sports Cars in 2023

2023 Lexus RC
The 2023 Lexus RC shares many of the Lexus IS’s characteristics as it is a two-door version of it. It is therefore even more suitable for tearing up the track while still having a reliable daily driver.

You can find it in the following trims:

  • 2023 RC300
  • 2023 RC350
  • 2023 RC300 F Sport
  • <2023 RC350 F Sport

2023 Lexus RC F
The Lexus RC F is the ultra-high-performance version of the RC; you can call it the fastest Lexus available today. It contains a V8 engine and many other performance-enhancing upgrades.

You can find it in the following styles:

  • 2023 RC F
  • 2023 RC F Fuji Speedway Edition

2023 Lexus LC
The Lexus LC is an exclusive sports coupe that traces its lineage to the iconic Lexus SC. It is a reliable, functional, and classy way to get around town but can go ballistic when you want it to. You can get it with a hybrid engine, and also in a convertible configuration.

It is available in the following trim levels:

  • 2023 LC500 coupe
  • 2023 LC500 coupe Bespoke Build
  • 2023 LC500h coupe
  • 2023 LC500 convertible
  • 2023 LC500h coupe Bespoke Build

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