How to use the Lexus Smart Key Fob?

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The Lexus Smart Key Fob is one of the countless technologies that are offered standard by the company. It allows you to easily access your Lexus, which includes locking and unlocking it, opening the trunk, and even starting it up.

The following tells you all about it, including some handy trips and tricks:

What is the Lexus Smart Key?

The Lexus SmartAccess key, aka the Smart Key is available in two forms:

Lexus Smart Key Fob
Lexus equips all its latest models with a key fob, known as the Smart Key. It works like a remote for your Lexus, allowing you to access it easily. The key fob features four buttons – Lock, Unlock, Trunk Release, and Panic.

What happens is that the car detects that the key fob is in its range and can receive signals from it. When you bring the fob near the car, it allows you to lock/unlock it, open the trunk, and even start it without getting in. You can even lock/unlock the car with the fob in your pocket.

Lexus Smart Key Card
Available on some new Lexus cars, this is an even more convenient way to access your Lexus. It is shaped like a credit card and has no buttons on it. As a result, it is even more compact and doesn’t need any form of physical contact to help you access the car.

Locking and Unlocking Your Lexus with the Smart Key Fob

There are two ways to lock and unlock your Lexus vehicle using the fob. You just get out of the car and ensure that all the doors are closed properly. Then you just press the Lock button and you’ll hear a beep and see the side mirrors light up.

This is to ensure that you didn’t forget to lock the car. If you don’t want to press the fob, you can simply press on the three indentations on the driver’s door handle. This locks the car and you’ll witness the same signs as above.

Unlocking the Lexus is also quite simple, especially with keyless entry. Let’s say you have the key in your pocket or in your purse. All you have to do is approach the vehicle and pull on the door handle from underneath it.

If you do this with the driver’s door, it’s the only door that gets unlocked. But if you do this with one of the passenger doors, all four of them get unlocked. To do this directly with the fob, you can press the Unlock button to unlock the driver’s door only (hold for 5 seconds for all doors).

Starting Your Lexus Using the Smart Key Fob

You can conveniently start your Lexus by using the Smart Key fob, as shown below:

Push-Button Ignition
If you have the key fob on you, simply get into your Lexus and depress the brake pedal. Push the Start/Stop button and the vehicle will turn on. Once it has turned on, you can simply keep the keyfob in the car. To turn off the car, just press the button again.

Remote Start
If your Lexus has been equipped with remote start, you can start it up by using the key fob, without having to get in. You get in range, press the Lock button thrice, and then hold it. You’ll see the indicator light flashing which means you can let go of the button – the car turns on.

To turn off the car, you just press the Unlock button and the engine turns off.

Tips and Tricks for Using the Smart Key Fob

There are several tricks shown below, which you can use to customize the Lexus Smart Key according to your needs. To get help with them, you can contact your local Lexus dealership.

Unlock All Doors with One
You can use the keyless entry system to unlock all doors when the driver’s door handle is touched. This is unlike the default setting, which only unlocks the driver’s door when you grip its door handle.

To do this, press and hold the Lock and Unlock buttons at the same time until the vehicle beeps three times to confirm. Make sure that the engine is turned off when you do this. Repeating this procedure returns the fob to the default setting.

Battery-Saving Mode
You can activate Battery-Saving Mode to minimize battery depletion if you don’t want to use the key fob for a while. The catch is that the key fob won’t be able to perform its functions as it does, since it won’t be able to exchange signals with the car.

You just press and hold the Lock button and press the Unlock button twice, simultaneously. The key fob will flash four times for confirmation. Deactivating this mode is simple – you just press any button on the key fob to turn it back on.

Mechanical Key
There’s also a mechanical key conveniently fitted in the key fob. You can take this out and use it to access the car, in case the key fob’s battery is low or dead. You can also pull out the mechanical key when you hand your fob over to a valet.


The following are some frequently asked questions in regards to the Lexus Smart Key:

How to know if my Lexus is equipped with the Smart Key system?
If you have the Lexus Smart Key fob – which you can use to access the car from range – then your Lexus has the Smart Key system.

What should I do if my Lexus Smart Key Fob’s battery dies?
You can simply push the button on the fob to release the mechanical key. This can be used to unlock the car manually; pull the handle and you’ll see a hole for the key to be put in. To start the car, simply put the key fob near the Start/Stop button and push it to turn it on.

Can my key fob open the trunk of my Lexus?
Yes, it can. There’s a button on the fob specially catering to this purpose. If you have an optional hands-free trunk opening system, you just keep the key fob in range and use the kick sensor to open the trunk.

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