Lexus Service Coupons

Complimentary Maintenance

Get the most out of your new Lexus with routine scheduled maintenance. Optimize the performance, reliability, safety and resale value of your Lexus with the six month or 5,000 mile and the twelve month or 10,000 mile maintenance services, for vehicles using synthetic oil*, both performed at no cost to you.
To keep your L/Certified by Lexus vehicle running in optimum condition, Lexus offers a complimentary scheduled maintenance program for L/Certified vehicles. The program begins upon purchase of your L/Certified vehicle and includes your next four scheduled maintenance service visits within 2 years or 20,000 miles (whichever comes first).
*Complimentary services for vehicles using non-synthetic oil are 30 days or 1,000 miles and 6 months or 5,000 miles.


Give your Lexus the attention it deserves with a 30,000 mile service. Our Lexus-certified technicians have the expertise and specialized equipment to ensure your Lexus continues to operate like the day it was new.

A selection of the maintenance items of the 30,000 mile service includes replacing the engine oil and oil filter, rotate tires and adjust tire pressures as required, replace brake fluid, replace engine air filter, and reset maintenance reminder light. Additional services may be included depending on the model of your Lexus vehicle.

*Plus tax and shop fees. 10% discount on labor included in starting price. Pricing varies based upon model. See service advisor for complete details and pricing.


Proper maintenance of your vehicle’s braking system is a must for performance and safety. Here are some signs that your brakes should be serviced:

*The brake light is on. If the emergency brake is not engaged and
your brake light is on, schedule an appointment with us to have
your braking system thoroughly checked.
*When pressed, the brake pedal almost reaches the floor. If your
brake pedal goes almost to the floor when you press it, have us
check your brakes immediately.
*Your vehicle is taking longer than usual to stop. Have your
brakes checked immediately if this is the case.
*The brakes squeal or make a grinding sound. Brakes squeal when
the brake pads are worn and need to be replaced. If the brake
pads are completely worn, the rotors will begin to make a
grinding sound. Bring your Lexus into the dealership for
servicing if your brakes are squealing or making a grinding
*Plus tax and shop fees.


If your Lexus has not been in for service in the last 12 months we would like to welcome you back with a 15% discount coupon for any service performed max $100.00

Not to be combined with any other offer. See dealer for details.

*Plus tax and shop fees.